European refugee crisis

Refugees arrive at Skala Sykamias Lesvos Greece

The refugee crisis is an imminent problem not only for one country but the whole world. All the countries involved in this project are on the direct path the war-torn refugees follow or want to reach and dwell in today. Each are facing overwhelming problems that must be dealt with at all levels of society. Only together can we find a humane solution.
In this project we want our students to reach out their hands to the refugees in their communities and voluteer their help. We want them to not only gain a better understanding of the background and political consequences of the crisis, but also the personal stories and fate of the refugees. With this knowledge – recorded in the results of our project,- our students will inform our schools and community´s about the refugee dilemma with the objective of furthering tolerance and understanding and combating ignorance, racism and populism. International cooperation is vital in order for the students to have a better understanding of the unique and complex problems facing each country and to find humane, feasible solutions.
Many of our students are ignorant to the enormous hardships refugees have faced and are still facing. In this project the students will have the opportunity to confront real people with real stories and together, through mutual dialogue and shared experiences, try to find solutions to their problems. By organizing an international awareness movement and volunteering their time and energy for a good cause our students will learn self-sacrifice, help create a more modern and humane Europe where “refugees” are our brothers and be encouraged to continue being active members of the European Community.