Kaisariani (Athens) – October 2018

European program: Erasmus + KA2 Educational visit/partner meeting in Kaisariani. Visit Duration: From 1-10-2018 to 5-10-2018

Τitle of the program: ” Reach out and lend a helping hand: Humanity has no borders”

The following schools participated in the meeting:

  • Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule Kerpen (Adr: Bruchhohe 27, Kerpen, Germany )
  • CSG Buitenveldert (Adr: De Cuserstraat 3, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Krste Misirkov (Adr: Srecko Puzzles 65a, Skopje)
  • INSTITUTO COMPRESIVO VIA MATTEOTTI 11 ( Adr: Via G. Matteotti n.11, Cave, Italy)
  • T.C. KDZ.EREGLI KAYMAKAMLIGI IBRAHIM-SUHEYLA IZMIRLI FEN LITESI (Adr: Suleymanlar Mah. Hastane Cad. No5 Kdz.Eregli, Turkey)

In particular, 13 people (8 teachers and 5 pupils) participated from Turkey, 5 people from Germany (1 teacher and 4 pupils), Italy from 11 individuals (2 teachers and 9 pupils), from the Netherlands 6 people (2 teachers and 4 pupils), Skopje 3 people (1 teacher and 2 pupils).

On Monday 1-10-2018 we welcomed foreign missions to school. The entire school community was there to welcome our distinguished guests. In a pleasant atmosphere was the acquaintance of the foreign missions with all members of the Greek pedagogical team.

The teachers made the first meeting on “What’s going to happen during the week?”

The students participated in an ice breaking program and activities in the school’s event hall.

On the same day, a formal opening ceremony was held and a welcome greeting from the Greek coordinator of the program and from the School’s Director. Foreign missions presented their country, the city and the school participating in the program with the videos or Powerpoint that had been prepared.

Then the Erasmus team accompanied by a guided tour of the Municipality walked from the school to Skopeftirio of Kaisariani, where representatives of the Municipality talked about the history of the place and lunch was followed by a meal in the school’s classroom with traditional dishes prepared by the parents in honor of foreign missions.

On Tuesday, 2-10-2018 the pedagogical groups of all partners, students and teachers attended a seminar, in the school’s event hall, on refugee issues organized by the Red Cross. Then the pupils of all missions participated in a training program proposed by UNHCR titled “it could be me – it could be you” and the teachers had their second meeting on “What we have done so far in the program and the timetable we will follow for our next actions”. At noon we ate at Kaisariani square and in the afternoon we visited the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, where we went to the Library and the Hall of the Opera.

On Wednesday, October 3-10- 2018 we went to the historical center of Athens. From the sacred rock of the Acropolis we continued to the theater of Dionysus and ended up at the Acropolis Museum. In the afternoon, foreign missions traveled to Plaka and Monastiraki.

On Thursday 4-10-2018 we cruised the three islands of Saronikos Hydra-Poros-Aegina where we had the chance to share our impressions of the meeting of all partners in Greece and the European program.

On Friday, 5-10-2018, the activities of the Living Library took place. The students participated in a training program proposed by UNHCR entitled “Monologues across the Aegean Sea” – the journey and dreams of the not adult refugees traveling alone. The students then participated in a round table discussion where they shared their experiences, feelings, impressions and knowledge about the refugee problem.

Around 13:00, the closing ceremony was held at our school’s event room where Mrs. Papapanagiotou, Coordinator of the program, gave all participants in the program, students and teachers a commemorative diploma and commemorative gift in a spirit of emotion and anticipation for the next meeting of pedagogical groups in Turkey.

This week has benefited our school very much. Long ago, the whole school was preparing the meeting in Kaisariani. Teachers, students and parents have worked together to offer the best hospitality to foreign missions.

During the Erasmus + week, students using the English language managed to cultivate their communication skills. Everyone had the opportunity to come into contact with different cultures and cultures, attitudes and morals.

The guests lived in the Greek hospitality, they came into contact with the Greek culture, they were informed about our news and educational policies and the actions of our country regarding the refugee problem.

Friendships were created, families contacted and became acquainted, relationships developed, stereotypes shattered. This week gave an air of renewal to our school and our place, expanded our horizons, offered experience, knowledge and reflection.

The results of the meeting 1-10-2018 with 5-10-2018 were disseminated on the “My Twinspace” platform of press releases, photos and videos from students and teachers from all the countries that participated in the visit to Greece, Kaisariani. There was also a publication of the visit of foreign missions to Greece in a local newspaper with a Press Release and posting of the material created by the children on the school’s website and the program so that it is accessible to the whole school community and the local community.

Skopje – March 2018

By continuing the activities of the Project Erasmus+ each time in a different country, the 1st LTT Activity took place in Skopje, FYROM from 19 March  until 23 March 2018.

We arrived at the “Krste Misirkov” in the firsh day (3/19/2018). After the initial quiding tour we went on to activities intending to break the ice among the students. The purpose was to know better one another, to feel free and encouraged to speak about themselves and eventually to promote tolerance against diversity. The presentations of the participant countries were next. And two workshops regarding the “Priorities” and “Similar αnd different” followed.

The next day (3/20/2018) we went to the “Matka Canyon” lake in order to get to know the Skopje sights. We ended up in the “Tolerance walk” in order to propagate the project and help the citizens to a closest contact with the refugees problems. During the trip all the students were wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan and logo, they made themselves for the purpose.

Following our predetermined schedule in the next day (3/21/2018) we visited the refugees camp in Gevgelija, where we have been informed by the responsible authorities about the life of the refugees and their conditions of living.

(3/22/2018) in the morning we attended workshops by the representing of the UNHCR about the refugees and finally in the afternoon all the students wrote short essays about the refugees subject which have been presented publicly.

The last day (3/23/2018) works based on the previous days activities were presented by the students and were uploaded on “twin space”. Next “Tolerance medals” were distributed all the students and the participant teachers in memory of the project and our participation. And finally our last action was a wide and deep conversation about the future ways and actions in order to improve and get better and better the project in the future.

Amsterdam – Junuary 2018

Our first meeting on the project named “Reach out and lend a helping hand. Humanity has no borders” lasted from January 22, 2018 until January 26, 2018. And the main goal of the meeting was primarly to determine the basic elements of the project.
It took place in the CSG Buitenveldert school, Amsterdam, Holland. There we had decided the dates of the mobilities and the enrichment of the LTT activities.
During the meeting every country showed a presentation of its own activity week.
We discussed the number of the participants of LTT activities, the safety and the accomodation of the students and the teachers personel, the improvement of communication and the ways of the project dissemination.
We came to the conclusion that the LTT activities are the most important instument to disseminate the project in large groups of all the  participant cities.
We also agreed that we can cultivate the students creativity with a variety of activities, such as writing articles, essays, short stories, drawings, preparing panels, creating slogans, posters, drawing alboums, making movies, awarding the good examples, preparing logos and intervews.
Disseminating the project to a large number of  students, while being in an environment among people totally unknown to them, will give them a chance to exercise and improve their enterpreneuership.
Finally we also decided to create a website named “Humanity has no borders”
We strongly believe, the project will have a large and lasting impact on the students, on the school, and on the community.
And we hope, our project will contribute, among other things, to build a peaceful and tolerant multicultural Europe!