Second meeting from the project Erasmus + – Humanity has no borders (2nd Gymnasium of Kaisariani)

Athens – City of Eternity

         In the city  of Platon, Heradon, Aristotelys, Zeus, we had opportunity to meet new friends, learn about other countries and traditions, and visit many beautiful places.

        Our first day was Monday. We had “breaking ice”  activities. Every country was presenting its school and country. Then we went to Kessariani`s park and visited the National Resistance Museum. After that, we had lunch in Kaisariaani`s Square. On Tuesday we had Red cross workshop – “it could be  me, it could be you”. We had lunch and we visited the Stayros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center and a marina Flisbos. On Wednesday we walked trough the historical paths of Athens, from the theatre of Herodeion to the rock of Acropolis, then to the theatre  of Dionysus, and than to the Acropolis Museum. At the end of the day  we had lunch at Monastiraki and walk to Plaka and Kerameikos. Thursday was our cruise day. We had opportunity to sail to three islands. Our first stop was Hydra. Then we visited Poros and had lunch on broad. Aegina was the last island  that we visited. We had walks trough these islands and we saw a lot of interesting things. Our last day was Friday.  First we had a workshop “Monologues across the Aegean Sea”. After that we had brunch and Round Table – every student was invited to share his\her experience, feelings and impressions. Than we had our closing ceremony. At the end we visited the Temple of Poseidon  and we had dinner at Lavrio, and we went back to Athens.

        It was very interesting week, we met new friends, and visited very  beautiful places. We won`t forget this experience for the rest of our lifes.

A long journey with no end

Interview: A long journey with no end. From Syria to Turkey. From Turkey to Greece. Crossing the sea. A great number of middle stops and going forth and back again and again. Telling his story to the students of the 2nd  highschool of Kaisariani. His agony for the reunion with his family…

School in a refugee camp

From the visit to the place of residence of refugees in Eleonas during which the children who participate in the program offered educational material for the needs of the refugees. All the children took part in the educational programs.