My experience of participating in the Erasmus + project (Hymanity has no borders)

In the past two school years I have had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus + project, along with students and teachers from my school and from 5 European countries. From October 1 to October 5, 2018, we stayed in Athens, Caesarea. While we were there, we had many lectures, workshops, and visits. I was particularly impressed by the film we watched during the Red Cross workshop, based on stories from real-life migrants, their courage, sadness, pain, their rescue, their difficulties, hunger, their sleepless nights, the unfortunate loss of many lives. . … We also realized that beautiful Aegean waters are, unfortunately, the death of many innocent lives. Those looks were really exciting and sad for us. The pain and empathy we felt at that moment cannot be described, but they will remain in our memories forever. But despite that, we were surprised and amazed at their courage, perseverance and desire for a better tomorrow. After the workshop we talked and each student shared his / her opinion, idea and feelings.
At the end of December in the Geography section, I shared this experience and my painful truth with my school students in order to encourage youth toward humanitarianism. Through maps and pictures, I presented the way to many innocent people who had unwittingly lost their homes and loved ones.