A visit to the housing centre of refugees at Eleónas

With the ERASMUS+ group
Of the 2nd Junior High School of Kesariani
On Sunday, 20th March 2018, students from housing centres for refugees along with students from inter-cultural primary and secondary schools of Athens and their parents, teachers and Greek state representatives took part in a celebration which was organised at the Housing Centre for Refugees, at Eleónas. The main slogan of it was: “We join in celebration at Eleónas”.

Our students had the opportunity to visit the centre and participate in games, art projects, plays and creative workshops for children and adults. The celebration went on with singing, dancing and theatrical performances, which were about the principles of accepting human differences, respecting human rights and children’s rights, solidarity, peace and cooperation between people.

This celebration offered moments of emotion, joy and reflection, as well as food and music. In the end, there was the feeling that peaceful co-existence and prevalence of human ideals can be achieved through co-operation and activation of all of us. 

The event was organised by the Greek Ministries of Education, Research and Religion, and Immigration Policy, as well as the Municipality of Athens. It was also supported by UNICEF and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

A visit to greek istitute of Paster

On May 4th, 2018, the Erasmus + team of our school, participated in the educational and social action of welcoming refugee children and attended the program “The Greek Institute of Pasteur pasteurizes the microbe of xenophobia.” The program was held at the Institute’s amphitheater and was attended by 20 students from the Eleonas Refugee Reception Center.

After our welcome and a brief acquaintance with the Pasteur Institute by President Stylianopoulou, a presentation was made in English by the scientific staff on the subject: “Discussing about microbes, our roommates”. At the same time, the presentation was translated in Farsi for the refugees. Students then followed a demonstration of microbial preparations as well as live cultures through special photomicroscopes. After that, the students were guided to a photo exhibition entitled “Artistic Concerns in the Lab” and had a light meal at the Amphitheater’s Foyer.

At the end of the program, our students had the opportunity to chat with the children from Eleonas at the Institution’s gardens, play with them, and overcome their fears and prejudices. Before leaving, we renewed our appointment with the refugees on May 20th, when our team will visit Eleonas to participate in a festive event.